Telephone Consult With Our Doctor Now

  • Are you too busy to go see your doctor?

  • Is your doctor unavailable and you need medical help now?

  • Do you have a minor or recurring medical problem that you think may be easily treated by phone?

  • Do you need an immediate refill of your regular medication?

  • Do you seek quick medical advice from a seasoned physician who will give you ample time to have your questions answered?

  • Are you having trouble knowing what to do, where to go, or who to see about a serious medical situation?

Our easy telephone consultations are now offered by Dr. John Horning

A Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician - Top Rated on Yelp!

Telemedicine services are available from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm daily, no appointment needed.

The patient-physician consultation may be conducted by phone or secure video, and even photographs taken by patients may be used.

Prescriptions are instantly transmitted  electronically to your chosen pharmacy.

These services are usually insurance reimbursable, and we provide you with a coded invoice to submit to your insurer.

Our telemedicine services are currently available for patients located throughout Northern California.

Our Call-A-Doctor Fees:

7a-5p - $100

5p-11p - $150

Includes phone or video MD consult for up to 15 minutes and prescriptions transmitted immediately to your pharmacy. To request this service call 415-680-4153