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Tel +1 (415)-680-4153

or 1-800-767-4058 (toll free from USA/Canada)

or to call us toll free from your hotel room, dial 9-1-800-767-4058

Fax +1 (415)-666-2573


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For urgent service requests, you may email us at

For non-urgent requests use

***Please do not include protected health information when emailing us as it may not be secure.


Skype: urgentmedhousecalls



Urgent Med Housecalls

250 King Street, #1500

San Francisco, California, 94107 USA

(for mail only- This is not a clinic. We do not see patients here.)


***We are an urgent care service, not an emergency service. For serious or life threatening emergencies, call 911, or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.

Skip the traveling, and epic waiting in uncomfortable waiting rooms.
Avoid exposure to other sick patients.
Get quality care in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

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  • This form is for requesting a call back from us from 9:00am-10:00pm daily. If you need to speak with us earlier, please call us directly at 415-680-4153 starting at 7:00am each day.

    DO NOT include any protected private health or medical information on this form.
  • Please include your country code, if from outside North America. If you prefer that we call you at a hotel, also give us your room # and the last name of the person to whom the room is registered.
  • ***For serious or life threatening emergencies, call 911 or get to your nearest hospital ER now. We are not an emergency response service.
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