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Physician House Calls for the San Francisco Bay Area

Telemedicine Consults for patients throughout California

-We use COVID 19 precautions-

Now Offering COVID 19 Antibody Testing

In Your HOME or Workplace

Stay in place while you receive personalized house call service or tele-healthcare by Dr John Horning

Dr John helps patients obtain their health care safely during the pandemic

For our house call services, our doctor goes to great lengths to prevent disease transmission and keep patients and others protected. (see below)

Have your COVID 19 and other health care questions answered by a board certified emergency medicine physician using our telemedicine service.

With our house call services, our doctor may bring medications to you! Or medications may be electronically prescribed, instantly for house call and telemedicine patients.

We can perform and order lab and imaging tests. We are currently offering SARS CoV2 antibody testing, and will shortly be offering COVID 19 testing for active infection for asymptomatic patients.

Pay with credit card - HSA & FSA credit cards accepted

Insurance reimbursable in many cases- a coded invoice is provided


Due to risk of COVID 19 transmission, we offer our house call services for non-COVID problems only. For patients with COVID 19-like symptoms, we provide convenient telemedicine doctor consults. 

With house call service, our doctor will be face masked, gowned, gloved, and capped to minimize risk to patients. In addition to use of standard antiseptics for decontamination of medical equipment, we use UVC light and hypochlorous acid treatments. The doctor will provide minimal time with patients for the exam, and conversations with patients will be from at least 6 feet away and by phone before and after the visit. Ultrasound imaging done by our physician is used in place of stethoscope when possible in order to minimize close contact between physician and patient. 

For more information about how we will protect you, please call us!

Dr John Horning is a veteran Board Certified Emergency Physician - Top Rated on Yelp & Google!


  • For more information about our house call services, see our house call services page.
  • For more information about our telehealth services, go here.

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For serious or life-threatening emergencies, call 911.

About Us


Urgent Med Housecalls was launched in 2007 by John Horning, M.D., FAAEM, a veteran board certified emergency medicine physician. He envisioned a kinder, gentler, more convenient medical care option for patients. Urgent Med Housecalls is the only doctor house call service in the Bay Area staffed by board certified emergency medicine physicians who carry IV fluids, medications, stitches, splints, & much more for the ultimate in high quality on-demand mobile medical care that patients deserve.

What Our Patients Say


Absolutely amazing service! Dr. John is responsive, personable, and professional. I was able to save my PTO by not taking off, I was able to get the medicine I needed right away without having to travel to the pharmacy, and he gave me all the forms I needed for insurance.  I could not be happier with the service! 🙂

Heather V.

Absolutely fantastic! I am new to the area and haven't found a primary care physician yet. I was shocked at how quickly and easily I was able to be seen by a physician. Sparing all details, this is by far the best healthcare experience I have ever had. I would recommend this service to everyone.

Hillary S.

At this point, the world must know that Urgent Med Housecalls is the best kept secret in San Francisco. All deserve great medical care at a fair cost, and Urgent Med Housecalls is the most amazing service I have ever experienced in my life!!!!

Lucy H.

I just wanted to let you know, that my insurance reimbursed me the expenses. Thank you again and lots of greetings from chilly Berlin.

I am really emailing you to express my extreme gratitude for your prompt and efficient service. Your bedside manner almost made it a pleasure to be ill ! (Maybe that's stretching it a bit). May you have every success in your venture to help people who become ill in unfamiliar surroundings.

Your bedside manner was amazing.  Thank you so very much.

Dear Dr. Horning we re writing to you from Monterey to thank you for your human  quality above all! We re doing much better now! Remember you got friends in Buenos Aires!

Thanks John for the great service. I was feeling much better within 24 hours …….Thanks again.

VK –Monroe, CT

Why Urgent Med Housecalls?


100% Attention

When we are with you, we are focused on treating only you, without a waiting room full of patients nearby.

At Your Location

Whether you are at home, hotel, workplace or elsewhere, we come to you.

Skilled Professionals

Our physicians are board certified in Emergency Medicine and have years of experience and training so you get the best treatment. 

On Your Time

Need us now?
No problem. Want to make an appointment? You can do that too.

Privacy and Security

Care in the comfort and privacy of your own home or other place of your choice.


Our service is surprisingly affordable, and may be reimbursable by your insurance plan. We provide insurance forms.

Skip the headaches that come with traditional office visits.


Average expected wait time for an emergency room visit in San Francisco.


Estimated annual number of patients infected in a hospital or other health care facility.

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