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Professional, On-Demand Medical Care That Comes To You.

No Traveling

No Waiting Rooms

No Appointment Needed

Who We Are

We bring urgent care via rapid response doctor house calls to patients in their home, hotel or workplace throughout San Francisco & the Bay Area. No waiting rooms required. No appointment needed. Established by veteran emergency physician Dr. John Horning, Urgent Med Housecalls is an ideal option for patients needing a kinder, gentler, more convenient urgent care.   During a typical visit to the ER or other medical office, do any of these sound familiar?

  • Uncomfortable waiting rooms
  • Poor communication from staff
  • Unruly behavior by others in the waiting room
  • Child-unfriendly environment
  • Unpredictable & sporadically changing wait times
  • Exposure to infectious disease

You shouldn't have to suffer while waiting for care.

There is a better way. Urgent Med Housecalls is the most convenient urgent care option available to the San Francisco Bay Area.

What Our Patients Say

Absolutely amazing service! Dr. John is responsive, personable, and professional.I was able to save my PTO by not taking off, I was able to get the medicine I needed right away without having to travel to the pharmacy, and he gave me all the forms I needed for insurance.  I could not be happier with the service! 🙂

Heather V.

Absolutely fantastic! I am new to the area and haven't found a primary care physician yet. I was shocked at how quickly and easily I was able to be seen by a physician. Sparing all details, this is by far the best healthcare experience I have ever had. I would recommend this service to everyone.

Hillary S.

At this point, the world must know that Urgent Med Housecalls is the best kept secret in San Francisco. All deserve great medical care at a fair cost, and Urgent Med Housecalls is the most amazing service I have ever experienced in my life!!!!

Lucy H.

Why Urgent Med Housecalls?

100% Attention

When we are with you, we are focused on treating only you, not a waiting room full of patients.

At Your Location

Whether you are at home, work a hotel or somewhere else, we come to you.

Skilled Professionals

Our health care providers all have years of experience and training so you get the best treatment.

On Your Time

Need us now?
No problem. Want to make an appointment? You can do that too.

Privacy and Security

Care in the comfort and privacy of your own home or other place of your choice.


Our service is surprisingly affordable, and is usually reimbursable by your insurance plan.

Skip the headaches that come with traditional office visits.


Average expected wait time for an emergency room visit in San Francisco.


Estimated annual number of patients infected in a hospital or other health care facility.

Want to get in touch?

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  • ***Please Note***
    We much prefer to focus our attention on caring for our patients, rather than spend time interacting with insurance companies. Therefore, for our incredibly convenient medical care we require payment at the time of service via credit card. WE DO NOT BILL YOUR INSURANCE, however we can provide you with a form which may be submitted to most insurances for potential reimbursement. Generally, Medicare, MediCal, Worker's Comp, and HMOs, such as Kaiser and Tri-Care will not reimburse for our house call services, at least not to any significant degree. We do, however, accept some traveler insurances. Our house call fees start at $325.

    For serious or life threatening emergencies, call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency department