I was in San Fran to give an important business presentation and, the night before, I came down with bad food poisoning.  I am also a doctor, and realized I needed medical care.   I was so dehydrated I was checking for hospital ER's nearby when I found Dr. Homing online.   He answered his own phone, was very warm and understanding but had planned on taking a flight later in the day.  This incredible man rescheduled his flight and came to my hotel within 30 minutes. He took my vital signs, did a physical exam, and started an IV in less time than it would have taken me to even register at an ER.  He had a great bedside manner, was confident on how he wanted to treat me, and administered IV fluids and medications - within 30 minutes I was feeling significantly better, although I never expected to be able to give my presentation.  Dr. Homing spent 2 hours treating me, and got me to the point where I was able to travel 45min and give a 90min presentation that had been planned for 6 months.  And the charges were a small fraction of what I would have been charged for an ER visit, which probably would have taken most of the day.  It is an awful experience being sick away from home, but Dr. Homing totally turned that around for me.  I'm not someone who writes reviews often, and when I do it's because I feel strongly about my experience.  If you visit San Fran, or have family/friends who do, write down his contact information - you never know if you'll need it.  If you live in the area, I would call Dr. Homing before I would go to an ER for any non-life threatening medical emergency.  I can't say enough positive about this man.  And before he left, he went across the street and bought me Powerade so I could continue hydrating.  This is full service and beyond.

Rp B.
New York, NY

I wont waste time writing a wordy review.
- He's professional.
- Great value for money. He gave me a ball park figure before he visited, and it turned out to be cheaper.
- Thorough. He wasn't in a rush. He spent two hours with me. Thats the longest a doctor has ever spent with me. He explained everything and even filled me in on his thinking.

No hyperbole, he's the best doctor I've ever had. If you are sick, call him.

Sean B.
Oakland, CA

Dr John is amazing. We were on a family vacation in San Francisco when a friend cut her hand washing dishes. I am a nurse practitioner and immediately knew she needed suturing. As travelers we didn’t know where to go and most of the urgent care centers near our hotel were closing soon. I was so fortunate we found a home visit provider to care for our friend. He arrived to our hotel within an hour of the call. He was kind, patient, thorough and stitched her up in no time. We all agreed we wished we had a Dr John back home to help us out in these urgent medical situations.

Huntsville, AL

I had gotten into a car accident while sitting in the back of a cab in SF. I was staying at a hotel and was from out of town. When my back pain worsened to the point where i couldnt move, Dr. John came to the rescue. He had the ability to do any kind of procedure on hand, even ..... He was quickly there after i called him. If you ever need a house call doc feel very good about this one, I would imagine every experience here would be very helpful.

Adam D.
Chicago, IL

Grandma Ethel was bedridden with a 103* fever at an age of 101 years old. I called Dr. Horning and ask for his help. Within 40 minutes he traveled from San Francisco to South San Francisco to help Grandma. He spent a considerable amount of time with her and our family, comforting everyone. Not only did the Doctor ease Grandma's pain and discomfort on Thursday but he also came back on Friday to check on her. Dr. Horning went beyond the normal Dr's visit and I highly appreciate this kind of old fashioned house call. I could not recommend Dr. Horning  any higher as a primary physician as he truly cares about his patients.

Timmy A.
South San Francisco, CA

Doctor Horning is an excellent doctor. I would highly recommend using Dr. Horning versus making the trek to the emergency room. He came over within an hour from when I called him early on a Sunday morning and took significant time in listening to me and my issues. He didn't have his hand on the door knob waiting to bolt like you experience with most other doctor visits. The fees were better than visiting the emergency room, and I got all treatments provided right away. This is the only way to get medicine - highly personalized, highly effective, and a true partner/advocate in your personal health care.

Vipul V.
San Francisco, CA

Last week while on vacation, I became extremely ill. Not being familiar with the city and reluctant to check myself into the emergency room, I gave Dr. Horning a call. He arrived at my hotel within 40 minutes and delivered both fantastic bedside manner and medical care. As a native New Yorker, I was admittedly skeptical. But Dr. Horning's experience and board certifications put me at ease. I was back on my feet the next day!

Cristina T.
New York, NY

Dr. Horning is a fantastic doctor and his house call service has been a savior to me on a few occasions. I first came across him several years ago when I had badly spawned my ankle and was trying to figure out how I was going to get down the stairs to go to a doctor. I found him through an internet search and he was at my house within an hour. Most recently, I put a deep gash in my finger while washing a dish. Since it was after 8 and the nearby urgent cares were closed, I remembered Dr. Horning. I was a bit freaked out due to how much my finger was bleeding. So I again called on him. Ashley, who answers the phone, was so empathetic and helpful. Dr. Horning called me minutes later and we talked through my injury. He was at my house within 40 minutes and stitched up my finger. I am so grateful for this service and the kind of care and integrity Dr. Horning brings to his practice. Given that he comes into homes, making us feel safe as patients is also important. Another reason I cannot recommend Dr. Horning more highly. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Cathy E.
San Francisco, CA

Dr. Kendall Allred visited my 87 year old Uncle his home because my Uncle is unable (and unwilling) to go to a hospital. Dr. Allred was the PERFECT physician to examine my uncle because he focused on my Uncle's priorities and his wishes. He gained my Uncle's trust and assured him that everything possible would be done to keep my Uncle in his home. This might seem like a simple feat but my Uncle had not seen a physician in over fifty years. Dr. Allred performed a complete exam and even X-rays and lab work will be performed in the home. KUDOS to you Dr. Allred for delivering the type of medical service that is hard to find these days and delivering it in such a non threatening and pleasant manner.

Lori C.
Tempe, AZ

Dr. Horning was great. He was very prompt and professional. He has even called me twice to follow up since treatment-- very much appreciated!

Tami V.
San Francisco, CA

I called Dr John while temporarily living in SF. I was so surprised when he picked up the phone. He was at our apartment within 1/2 hour and spent a lot of time with me. He was very thorough and even had the needed antibiotics with him for a UTI which saved me the need to run out to a pharmacy. Calling him was far better than sitting in an Urgent Care facility for hours with ill individuals all around me. I now have his # in my contacts and won't hesitate to call him when I need a doctor in the city.

Cindy W.
San Francisco, CA

Wow, the convenience of a house call cannot be beat. Especially when the doc is very friendly, takes time to explain things, answers questions about a different health issue than the one I originally called for, and had one of the meds on hand. He was at my place in 2 hours, which is much faster than my regular doc could get me in. Time is money, so while this service isn't technically cheap, it is a great value when you factor in travel, waiting room time, etc. Highly recommend.

Jennifer R.
San Francisco, CA

So I ended up in the hospital after a fall with concussion and two staples in my head. After a week at home I decided that I was ready to get the staples removed, but was still VERY dizzy and too unstable to leave the house. I called Dr. John to see if this was something he could do for me and was surprised that he picked right up. We scheduled a time for him to come later in the day. Dr. John was on time, professional and unbelievably helpful. Not only did he remove my staples, but he recommended that I get x-rays of my neck after calling St Mary's and finding out that my CT Scan had not included that region. I can't emphasize enough how fantastic Dr John's service was - he went above and beyond the original reason for coming and really put my mind at ease.

Christiane G.
San Francisco, CA

I've had a cough for a couple weeks and needed some help. My insurance hadn't kicked in at my new job and I had put off seeing a doctor. I called the number for Dr. Horning an he was at my house that afternoon with antibiotics and cough syrup! Love it! He was professional and personable. I'm on the road to recovery! Thanks Dr. Horning 🙂

Alicia E.
San Francisco, CA

I recently made a temporary move to San Francisco so I have not found a regular doctor in the area. Since I seldom go to doctors anyway, it was quite an experience when I was not able to walk without a lot of pain. I searched the internet to see if a doctor made house calls and what great luck to find Dr. John. He instantly made me feel comfortable and I almost felt that he had been my physician for years. He even went to my refrigerator before he left to give me sandwich fixings and water so I could take my meds. He is better than Dr. Marcus Welby and much better looking. 😉

Marie B.
Olympia, WA

So happy that I now know about Dr. John and have someone to call when I really need to see a doctor and can't wait a week to get an appointment, sit in a waiting room, etc. I called, he came over, had all the medication I needed with him, and talked me through everything. I will recommend him to everyone I know!

Sebastian G.
San Francisco, CA

Best doctor I've ever had. I was with my family on vacation. I started to cough up lots of ugly stuff. Turned out I had bronchitis. Dr. John visited my hotel room, gave me an examination after a nice introduction and a setting of expectations, and called the prescription into the pharmacy that was across the street. I've never had service like this. About 8 days later he contacted me to see how I was doing. Why can't all doctors be like this? Wow! When I visit SF again I'm going to see him just to get a check-up.

J F.
Oxnard, CA

Fast, dedicated, skilled and professional. He actually answered the phone himself and handled a dear friend's medical situation with great compassion and an incredible bedside manner. As someone who is certified in emergency medicine I don't really expect real compassion from a caregiver but Dr. John has it . When you see real compassion in an experienced medical professional it as impressive as it is rare. I don't really get sick myself (knocking wood) but if I ever personally needed medical care I would not hesitate calling Dr. John.

Michael P.
San Francisco, CA

I don't know where to start. I was home with chills, sweats, nausea, and heart palpitations/anxiety that I had experienced for most of the day and night before- but that were getting increasingly more bothersome. I absolutely did not feel like waiting for a minimum of 4 hours in an ER to address this, but I needed to do something and it was 5pm.

Within 45 minutes Dr. John was at my apartment and right away he put me at ease. He asked direct, thorough questions and right away got to treating me. I was incredibly kind and attentive, and definitely knows what he's doing (you can check out his impressive CV online).

What's more, he stuck around for what was at least an hour to make sure I was doing better and gave me his direct line in case any of my symptoms came back. He also happens to be a pleasure to speak with in general.

So, even though the circumstances weren't ideal, my dealings with him were among the best professional interactions I've ever had. If I'm ever stuck at home with the flu or anything else that has me bed-ridden, I'm not going to hesitate to call him again.

Derek C.
Potrero Hill, San Francisco, CA

Dr. John's visit to our apt was jaw-dropping. He was at our home within 15 minutes of the call. He's incredibly kind. He stayed for at least an hour and asked all sorts of questions. He was carrying all of the medication my husband needed right there on him. He diagnosed a dangerously bad ear infection that otherwise would've gone unnoticed. His rates were reasonable, and comparable to an urgent care visit.

We didn't realize house calls even existed anymore... what Dr John told us was that "technology took house calls away, and technology brought them back." He tells us that he has a portable X-ray unit, and that he can do a blood test in our home that returns more information than what they can do in at an urgent care facility.

We will never, ever go to an urgent care facility again now that we've met Dr John.

Jen L.
San Francisco, CA