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Housecalls for Minor Medical Problems

Contrary to what most people think, requesting a housecall for evaluation of simple medical illnesses is a very reasonable option for your care.  In fact, problems such as sore throats, cough, ear and sinus infections, in healthy, mobile, children and adults, are some of the most common reasons that we are called to evaluate patients at home.

Why?  Well for many, the idea of having to run and jump through the medical healthcare system hoops just to get treatment does not sit well when they are feeling sick and run down.  It intuitively makes no sense that a sick person should not be allowed to just rest from the outset.  For others, trying to quickly see their primary provider is not always possible.  Many patients who request our housecall services have restrictive schedules, or they simply do not wish to lose several hours of their day obtaining medical care in the office or clinic.  Many report that they prefer a housecall visit in order to avoid exposure to other sick patients in the office, clinic and waiting room.  Others are concerned about exposure to hospital “superbugs” such as MRSA.  Still others become sick afterhours and prefer the convenience and cost savings that we offer over the ER.  Our physicians usually respond within 1-2 hours, occasionally even faster.  We carry rapid strep tests, urine tests and more, and can provide results in minutes right in your home or hotel room.  We bring medications, including antibiotics and others for symptomatic relief, making a trip to the pharmacy usually unnecessary.  So instead of traveling to the office, clinic or ER, then parking, enduring epic marathon waits, having just minutes with the doctor, then waiting for the nurse to return with instructions, then traveling and potentially waiting again at the pharmacy for your medicine, and finally traveling home, you could just call our doctor to bring it all to you, while you just rest and chill in the comfort of your own familiar surroundings.

What about those patients whose symptoms progress despite treatment?  Our patients know to call us if things are not going well.  With a simple phone call, or email, we can adjust your treatment strategy by calling in prescriptions to your pharmacist.  There are no extra charges for these extra services when we are following up treatment for the same problem acutely.  Try calling the ER back when things aren’t progressing in a positive direction. You will usually be welcomed back for another evening at the ED, only to be examined by another anonymous “rushed” doc, or you will be asked to schedule an appointment with your primary provider.

We provide completed forms for your insurance reimbursement.  Most PPO’s do reimburse for housecall services up to about 80%.  However if you are truly concerned about reimbursement, it is best to contact your insurer prior to requesting our services.   We are not contracted by any US based insurers.  This means that we are “out-of-network” and your reimbursement will be at the out-of-network rate.

Our services are covered by FLEX and HSA (Health Savings Accounts) and may be tax deductible.

Our convenient night hour services are available to established patients.