Our Physician Comes to You

We offer rapid response for most hospice requests anywhere throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why Patients and Their Families Call Us

Requests for our service are usually made when no established primary care physician is available for an immediate response home visit, and the patient has become physically ill and is potentially suffering. In most cases, patients have already made the decision for hospice care. In other cases, we are asked by family or friends to help them with this decision process. With a physician housecall, ample time is made available for thorough communication and decision-making by all those involved. If hospice is determined to be the best option, physician orders are written and a hospice service is then contacted immediately. In many cases, hospice home care providers may arrive same day to begin the process.

What We Can Do For You

Comfort Medications

  • Analgesics (pain relief)
  • Antiemetics (nausea & vomiting relief)
  • Anxiolytics (for anxiety & insomnia)
  • Oxygen -24 hour delivery (for relief of shortness of breath)

We can arrange in-home services including:

  • Hospice visiting nurse services
  • Caregiver/attendants (periodic or 24 hour)
  • Skilled nursing care (periodic or 24 hour)

Our Promise to You

We are highly experienced with palliative and hospice care, and understand the challenges that are faced when making the decision for this option.

We respect patient’s wishes to remain at home, maintain their dignity, and to prioritize comfort care first while forgoing life-sustaining treatment.