We offer rapid turnaround, usually same day, of physician’s report for RCFE.  These forms, according to California law, must be completed for all residents, or prospective residents, of residential care facilities for the elderly licensed by the California Department of Social Services.  These reports require that a history and physical examination be completed by the physician or provider, along with a tuberculosis skin test which takes 2-3 days to obtain results, or a chest x-ray to rule out active pulmonary tuberculosis.  For patients who need these forms completed quickly, the chest x-ray provides the best option.

Once our doctor has evaluated the patient, a portable x-ray machine may be quickly brought on-site to the patient and images are then available usually within 1-2 hours thereafter.  The completed and signed form can then be faxed to the facility or other requester.  For patients who are not in a hurry, and who would prefer to avoid the x-ray and associated radiation, a skin test is performed by subcutaneous injection of purified protein derivative or “PPD” and then measurement of any rash or reaction is performed 48-72 hours later.  If it is determined to be non-reactive, then the report is completed, however a positive reaction will require a followup chest x-ray.  We offer these rapid turnaround services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and the Monterey Peninsula.

Fees will be based in large part upon travel time of the nearest physician providing the service and are not covered by Medicare or secondary insurers.  The chest x-ray, if done, may be billed entirely to Medicare.

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