Mobile COVID 19 Virus & Antibody Lab Testing House Call Service

  • In addition to physician house calls, we are now offering mobile COVID 19 virus & antibody lab testing house call service. Laboratory staff (phlebotomists) come to your home or workplace anywhere throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

qRT-SARS-CoV2 RNA PCR Test Results Available Currently within 1-2 Days


Upon request of our service, our physician, Dr John Horning, will call to explain test options, assist with choosing your optimal test strategy, then order the test(s). Patients then schedule the home visit appointment. Saliva and blood specimens are collected by certified mobile lab phlebotomists wearing PPE. Specimens are collected and then taken to the lab for processing. Dr John will then call you with your test result(s), provide medical recommendations as needed, and answer any questions that you may have. It doesn't get easier than this! 


COVID 19 Test Options - Brought to You

COVID Virus Test


This qualitative test checks for active infection via throat or nose swab. Results are currently available in 1 day, and may be done for people with or without COVID 19 symptoms.

    • 98.3% sensitive
    • 100% specific

Results are reported as "not detected" or "positive".

Our physician will provide a letter for "not detected" results that states the test is "negative" upon request.

COVID Antibody Tests - 2 Options

  • These tests are used to check for prior infection via blood test.

1) Rapid Antibody blood test

15 min result - done at your home or workplace.

Qualitative test for SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM

    • 90% sensitive
    • 98% specific

2) Antibody blood test - Lab processed

More accurate, with results available in 1-2 days

Qualitative test for SARS-CoV-2 IgG

    • 99% sensitive
    • 99-100% specific


For patients with prior symptoms thought to be due to COVID 19, antibody tests are most useful when done at least 14 days after infection onset.

A positive SARS-CoV-2 antibody test result currently is not known to guarantee patient immunity to reinfection with SARS-CoV-2.

All positive test results are conveyed to the health department for contact tracing, as required by law.

A "not detected" or negative test result does not guarantee no SARS-CoV-2 infection, and should not be used as the sole basis for medical and other decision making.

Information about SARS-CoV-2 is constantly changing. We will try to keep this site up to date, but cannot guarantee accuracy.

***While lab turnaround test times have been very good and reliable, this could change at any time depending upon test demand. For travelers needing negative test results available within 72 hours of flight departure, chances are currently good that we can get this done for you, however we cannot guarantee that test results will be available on schedule due to the possibility of sudden high demand or other unforeseeable events. For this reason we highly recommend that travelers carry trip cancellation travel insurance. Also, travelers should check pre-flight COVID testing requirements.


Need other mobile lab testing done?

We can do these too!

"FEES For COVID 19 Testing Brought To You

One COVID Test (PCR or Antibody) - $400

Two COVID tests - $600

Weekend or Afterhours Service 6p-6a - add $150

Requests for afterhours service are taken 9a-9p

Same Day Service - add $150


FEES For COVID 19 Test Ordered by our MD done at any lab (not brought to you) - $50

-Includes physician letter explaining that "not detected" results are considered negative. We recommend that patients know exactly what test(s) will be used and what company produces the test. Patients should also ask their lab what are the sensitivity and specificity of their test(s), and ask how long the current wait for results is. For patients who want our physician to research the test details for them, our physician charge for test research, test ordering and physician letter explaining "negative" test results is $200


Our services are payable by credit card upon request of service

50% refund for mobile services if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment.

We provide you with a coded invoice for your insurance or for tax purposes.


To request our mobile COVID 19 virus & antibody lab testing house call service,

 Call Us 415-680-4153


For more information about COVID 19 testing see CDC COVID 19 testing