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For our amazingly convenient and top quality service we require payment at the time of the house call.

We do not bill your insurance. However, we give patients a superbill that lists insurance codes and listed charges which patients may submit to their insurer for reimbursement.

Our services are covered to varying degrees by most PPO insurers, and some HMOs, but reimbursement is subject to your already met amount of annual deductible.

For many policies, ER copays are higher than the cost of a house call. Check your policy details to be sure. Call your insurer if you do not understand your policy terms.

To our knowledge, Kaiser does not reimburse for house call services for their members, and Medicare does not reimburse for house call services for mobile patients.

We do not accept patients with MediCal (Medicaid) or Worker's Comp.

We do accept most foreign traveler insurances with prior authorization.