Repairing small to medium sized cuts or lacerations is easily done during the house call. Our physicians carry standard wound care equipment such as suture kits and suturing(stitching) material. Sterile drapes, wound irrigation/cleaning solution and anesthetic medications to numb the area to be repaired is provided. Even tetanus immunization may be brought to the patient. Our physicians are highly experienced in wound repair because of their specialization and experience in emergency medicine.

The Housecall Advantage

  • Highly convenient
  • No travel required
  • No public waiting rooms
  • No trip to the pharmacy required
  • No exposure to other sick patients
  • Minimize exposure to hospital “superbugs”
  • Housecall doctors tend to be unhurried
  • Easy 24 hour telephone access for followup questions and advice

The Housecall Request

When a patient inquires about our service for wound repair or care, the physician will ask questions to learn the nature and severity of the wound, and whether tetanus vaccination is needed. Once the doctor determines that a housecall would be appropriate, and if the patient then agrees to the service, a physician will respond with a given estimated arrival time. The patient remains in the comfort of their own home or hotel room.

The Housecall

Upon arrival, the care provider will examine the patient, then offer treatment options, which may include suturing (stitches), adhesive or staple placement. Tetanus prophylaxis may be given if appropriate. A sterile field will be setup, usually involving sterile drapes placed around the injured area. Our patient’s comfort is top priority and we will always take the time to ensure adequate anesthetic pain relief prior to performing any procedures. The wound will then be cleansed, repaired and bandaged. Occasionally antibiotics or other medication may be dispensed or prescribed. Paperwork, including a form for insurance reimbursement will be completed. Detailed instructions will be given to the patient regarding followup care.

Followup Care

Patients may call us anytime 24/7 should they have questions or if problems arise. Sutures or staples may be removed by our doctor or any qualified medical provider. For certain injuries, specialty surgical followup may be arranged by us or by your primary doctor.