Hotel & House Call Doctors
Adult & Pediatric Mobile Urgent Care
San Francisco Bay Area 7a-12a Daily
Call Now +1-415-680-4153
Skype: urgentmedhousecalls
from hotel phone, dial 9-1-800-767-4058 (toll free)




M-F 7a-4p

  • Our house call doctor comes to you.
  • The doctor carries medications to dispense, injections, IV fluids and more.
  • No public waiting rooms.
  • No exposure to other patients.
  • Insurance reimbursable by most PPOs and some HMOs.
  • Payment at the time of service by cash or credit card.
  • HSA and FSA cards accepted (our services are tax deductible)

Additional charges apply for after hours and night services, excess provider travel, medications and procedures.

Telemedicine Service - Doctor by Phone


M-F 7am-8pm

Enjoy speed, convenience and cost savings via a quick conversation with our doctor by phone. This service is ideal for medication refills or when a physical exam is not required. The doctor may electronically send prescriptions to your chosen pharmacy. Telemedicine services may be insurance reimbursable.


Skip the traveling, and epic waiting in uncomfortable waiting rooms.
Avoid exposure to other sick patients.
Get quality care in the comfort of your home or hotel room.