COVID 19 Testing

COVID 19 PCR Tests for Travel - Same Day Results


Required for travel to most countries

Test Stations are in SF, Oakland, & in San Bruno near SFO

We have Rapid PCR and Rapid Antigen tests too

We offer screening for meetings, school and work too.

Our Test Collection Service Options

We Come to You - Anywhere! - SF Bay Area

  • Includes in home, hotel, or workplace specimen collection and transport to lab, test & test processing, physician order and oversight. Physician helps determine best test timing for travelers, when needed.
  • We maintain a close collaboration with the lab to ensure free flow of information for our patients.
  • This service is available 7 days a week, but may occasionally be limited by staff availability. Advance scheduling recommended.
  • Call us for quote

You Come to our Test Collection Station

  • $195 for PCR, includes travel paperwork
  • Appointment required for all sites (same day appts ok)

OAKLAND, near Children's Hospital

  • Mon-Sun 10:00am-5:00pm
  • walk thru or drive thru

SAN FRANCISCO Mission District

  • M-W-F 10:00am-3:00pm
  • walk thru, park nearby

SAN BRUNO next to SFO Int'l Airport

  • Mon thru Fri 9:00am-4:00pm
  • drive thru/walk thru
  • Rapid 30 min PCR available here too

The Lab will be closed

November 25-26

December 24-January 2

COVID 19 PCR Tests

Our Lab Processed PCR test

  • This is the test required for most air travel
  • This is an EUA test (Emergency Use Authorizaton by the FDA)

This test meets the following air travel & country entry requirements:

It is an "NAAT" = nucleic acid amplification test

It is a "DNA test" (amplified DNA)

It is a "cycled test"

It has been called all of the following:  PCR, RT-PCR, qRT and qPCR viral nucleic acid detection assay.

Basically, it is a qRT-SARS-Cov-2 DNA amplified PCR test

When the virus is not detected, result is reported as "negative", which is required for travel, in many cases.

This test is not considered a "Rapid PCR Test" although it usually results same day.

For travel puposes, this test report includes a QR code

Accula Rapid SARS CoV2 nucleic acid amplification test 

  • 30 minute results.
  • This is an EUA test.
  • It was designed as a rapid test that minimizes false positive results.
  • It is less sensitive than lab processed PCR tests, but may be useful for symptomatic patients in certain situations.
  • Call us to learn how this test can help you.
  • Learn more about this rapid PCR test at MesaBIOTECH

COVID 19 Antigen Test

Abbott BinaxNow -Rapid Antigen Test

on-site screening - 15 minute results

Important Testing Notes:

  • A "not detected" or negative test result does not guarantee no SARS-CoV-2 infection, and should not be used as the sole basis for medical and other decision making.
  • Information about SARS-CoV-2 is constantly changing. We will try to keep this site up to date, but cannot guarantee accuracy.

For Travelers we provide these documents:

  • Test report copy listing "non detected" results as "negative" (required at airport check-in)

  • Physician letter acknowledging the negative result (required for check-in for some flights)

  • California State CLIA lab certification letter copy (occasionally required)

  • For international travel check-in, passport details are required to be listed on your test results. With our test you have the option to list this information too.

  • The rules for flight check-in and country entry requirements are constantly changing, so we recommend that you print and carry all of these documents to maximize your chance of travel success.

  • If you are considering getting a rapid PCR test, check with your airline and destination country first to see if it is accepted. Many travelers have been denied check-in when presenting rapid PCR test results.

    We currently are not offering testing services for travel to Japan and Hawaii.

How to request COVID 19 PCR testing using our service

  • When you call us, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have to help you determine your best testing strategy.

  • If you then wish to use our service, we'll need your name and contact info, along with credit card details. Your card will not be charged until the day prior to testing.

  • Once confirmed that you wish to schedule our service, we'll provide you with a secure link to set up your lab portal account for choosing your appointment time, and fast lab result and document access. When test results become available, you'll be automatically notified by text and email. You can then go to the lab portal to review and download your test result documents. A physician letter, sometimes needed for flight check-in, will be provided too.

  • For most travelers, we recommend to swab 2 days prior to departure to allow ample time for results, just in case results are inconclusive which happens very rarely. For those needing stat test results, please call us to discuss options.
  • We offer both nasal swab collection and saliva collection options. For saliva collection, please do not eat, drink (including water), or smoke/vape at least 30 minutes before the speciment collection. 

Dr John Horning is a veteran Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician

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For more information about COVID 19 testing see CDC COVID 19 testing

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