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Adult & Pediatric Mobile Urgent Care
San Francisco Bay Area 7a-12a Daily
Call Now +1-415-680-4153
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from hotel phone, dial 9-1-800-767-4058 (toll free)



Toll Free 1-800-767-4058 (from USA/Canada)

San Francisco, CA (+1) 415-680-4153

Fax (+1) 415-666-2573


(non-urgent requests only) ***Please do not include protected health information.



Urgent Med Housecalls

250 King Street, #1500

San Francisco, California, 94107 USA

(for mail only-we do not see patients here)

Skip the traveling, and epic waiting in uncomfortable waiting rooms.
Avoid exposure to other sick patients.
Get quality care in the comfort of your home or hotel room.