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Now Serving Palm Springs & Rancho Mirage, California

By Dr. John Horning

As of February 14, 2018 we are offering our convenient hotel, resort, and house call services throughout Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta and the surrounding areas. Dr. John Horning, a board certified emergency physician, and Cynthia Tuttle, Adult Nurse Practitioner, will be covering these areas. Both are highly trained and have extensive experience rendering…

Alternative to stitches

By Dr. John Horning

We are excited to learn of this new alternative to stitches which involves the application of a small bandaid impregnated with microstaples. Initial studies show promise. It will provide a less painful treatment option for small wounds and it appears to provide better long term cosmetic results. It may offer a lower infection rate as…

Do you wake up at night to go pee?

By Dr. John Horning

An interesting study worth a read for those awakening at night to urinate.  Nocturia leads to sleep deprivation, among other things. While many factors can contribute to nocturia, a simple solution for many is to reduce your salt intake. Easy……right? Look for foods 1.5g salt (0.6g sodium) per 100g

Norovirus Infections

By Dr. John Horning

Noroviruses are the most common cause of gastroenteritis(inflamed stomach and intestines) in the U.S.  It is estimated that there are 20 million cases worldwide, 70,000 hospitalizations and about 800 deaths per year in the U.S. This year, a new and particularly virulent strain, the G11.4 Sydney strain, has been wrecking havoc in the U.S. and…

Why finish antibiotics?

By Dr. John Horning

Why it is always important to always finish antibiotics as prescribed? This is a common question.  The answers that you usually hear are: 1) The infection may return if incompletely treated. 2) There is an increased risk of development of antibiotic resistance when infections are not fully treated. What you probably never heard is this:…

Home Hospice Services

By Dr. John Horning

Our Physician Comes to You We offer rapid response for most hospice requests anywhere throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Why Patients and Their Families Call Us Requests for our service are usually made when no established primary care physician is available for an immediate response home visit, and the patient has become physically ill…

Flu Shot? or Not

By Dr. John Horning

“Flu shots”, also known as influenza vaccines, only protect patients from influenza, nothing more. Flu shots, or influenza vaccines, are given annually just prior to the flu season, usually in mid to late Fall for those who reside in the northern hemisphere. Each year these vaccinations are reformulated to target the prevailing influenza virus types…

"Flu" Confusion

By Dr. John Horning

There is much confusion surrounding the word “flu”. Many incorrectly use the word “flu” to refer to nonspecific viral winter time illnesses, including colds and stomach viruses. In medical jargon speak, “flu” means “influenza” and nothing else. A result of this confusion is that many people mistakenly believe that “flu shots” protect against more than…

Housecalls for Minor Medical Problems

By Dr. John Horning

Contrary to what most people think, requesting a housecall for evaluation of simple medical illnesses is a very reasonable option for your care.  In fact, problems such as sore throats, cough, ear and sinus infections, in healthy, mobile, children and adults, are some of the most common reasons that we are called to evaluate patients…

Mobile Urgent Care for Urinary Problems

By Dr. John Horning

Urinary Tract Infections We are frequently asked to evaluate patients with UTI or urinary tract infection. Most younger people with this problem experience symptoms such as painful and frequent urination, along with urgency or the feeling that one needs to urinate. These symptoms usually suggest infection of the lower urinary tract. Kidney infection, or pyelonephritis,…

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